15 minimalist cake ideas for your next party!

15 minimalist cake ideas for your next party!

Cakes are one of the essential components of a party; without them, a celebration might not be complete. It symbolizes celebration. It’s a way to say, “I remember your special day,” “Thank you,” “you are cared for,” and more. Don’t forget to give it to a loved one, friend, special someone, or anyone you think adds value to your life.

If you plan to buy for somebody else, remember to always choose cake depending on their personality. Most of us want it to be simple, but some people might prefer a little extra.


Here are some minimalist cake ideas for those who want to keep it simple:


  1. A messy look but raw and natural. Made by a Korean bakeshop


2. Running out of time? This cake sure be the best option! It looks easy to make, and we’re sure you can do this at home.


3. Who doesn’t love a touch of gold and flower? We’re in love with the design!


4. Get you a cake with a simple design yet with stunning little pieces around it.


5. You can never go wrong with a strawberry shortcake!


6. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors. This one might not be the usual combination, but it turns out to be pretty great.


7. Ditch the red and white polka combination. Black and pink are the new besties.


8. Tired of the same birthday greetings on cakes? Well, how about try this unique one.


9. Just by looking at this cake will make you want to bite it ASAP. Haha!


10. All mango lovers out there! This one’s for you <3


11. CLASSY. One word to describe the cake here. One of your friends who loves classic things will be happy to receive this for their birthday.


12. Attending a civil wedding? How about giving a minimalist yet lovely cake to the newlyweds <3


13. Red velvet with a twist of fresh strawberry? WHY NOT.


14. Cliché flavor but never gets old.


15. What’s always in season? Yep, chocolate cake.


Have you found the cake inspiration you’re looking for? Remember, the inspo you choose doesn’t have to be as similar.  You can incorporate the color, design, shape, and pattern, and it’s all up to what look you’re aiming. That’s the beauty of being inspired by something: it forces you to think beyond the box and generate fresh ideas!


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