2022 Wedding Ring Trends

2022 Wedding Ring Trends

Even in the present pandemic situation, there’s no denying that weddings are unstoppable. Let’s take from the local celebrities that got hitched last year – Sarah Geronimo, Alex Gonzaga, Jessy Mendiola, and Megan Young. These celebrities choose intimate celebrations, which became incredibly popular, and many soon-to-be-married couples are considering the same path. This just proved that love has no boundaries and will survive unexpected phenomenon.

And since the way we celebrate weddings may now be different doesn’t mean wedding trends also change. New trends appear a little later in the bridal industry than in other markets, and practically engagement and wedding rings are safe from being categorized as out of style for years. Still, it would be wise if you do some research before purchasing a symbolic element of marriage.

Let us explore the designs mostly picked by couples this 2021 according to jewelry houses abroad like Tiffany and Co, Queensmith UK, and the Philippines.

1. Solitaire

The mother of elegant simplicity. Solitaire setting has proven its value over the years. It has been around since, well, forever.

Solitaire rings have a single diamond or gemstone in the middle that is set in a simple setting. Since the diamond will be the centerpiece of the ring, most people begin the selection process with the shape of the diamond. The most popular stone shape for a solitaire ring is the round brilliant. Like this one the picture:

Photo credit : diamond nexus, ckonline

2. Geometric Diamond

Different forms of geometry are used, such as hexagons, octagons, and ovals. These diamonds in unusual shapes are ideal for brides with unique tastes. Geometric Diamond rings have paved their way to fame due to numerous celebrities who have chosen them, and the part that distinguishes them from the rest is that it would be difficult to find

another bride wearing the same ring.

Photo credit: Uha jewerly, Natures sparkles, Green wedding shoes

3. Hidden halo rings

A Hidden Halo is a setting that features small diamonds located just under the center stone, designed to add a sparkling effect. Brides often look for a different solitaire design, and they end up getting the hidden halo setting.

Fun fact: It works in any shaped diamond. Hidden Halo’s ability to make any diamond shine, no matter the shape, makes it a top choice for women.

Photo credit: Diamond mansion, Best brilliance

4. Stackable rings

Stacking or layering rings has become a common trend among women, especially in their twenties and thirties. Brides have many options when it comes to engagement, wedding, and eternity rings, and stacking wedding rings is one of the most common trends. Wearing several wedding rings at the same time can be considered stylish as well as significant.

Photo credit: fascinating diamonds
Kashia Jewelries

Still thinking about what ring to buy? The goal of choosing a wedding ring that is the best match for your future wife should be classic and timeless because it’s going to be a symbol of eternity. Make sure to match the ring with her style; look closely at what type of jewelry she wears and what she loves.


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