How to host a Virtual Party

How to host a Virtual Party

Hosting a Virtual Party? Follow These Seven Tips


The pandemic has forced us to stay at home, practice physical distancing and avoid large gatherings for more than a year now. But nothing has stopped us from celebrating milestones in our lives. Thus, the virtual party was born.

These days, birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving and just about any celebration is done virtually. In fact, these virtual celebrations have made it possible for families and friends to stay connected despite being physically separated by the pandemic.

Now, if you’re hosting your own virtual party soon, here are seven smart tips that could help you out:

  1. Choose your platform.

Think of this like finding a venue for your party, only virtually. Zoom, Skype, Facetime and Google Meet are some of your most popular options, and they have their own advantages. Zoom is undeniably the most popular one because most people use it for work anyway, so they’re familiar with its features.

Skype and Facetime are also great options, but they sometimes have limitations on the number of people who can join a conference call at once. Google Meet is fairly new in the field, but it has some amazing features that make it a great option for your virtual party.

The trick here is to choose a platform that’s most convenient for your guests. Ask around first and decide if it’s more beneficial for them to use Zoom, Skype, Facetime or Google Meet.

  1. Set your date.

Choosing the right time and date is crucial, especially if you’re inviting guests from different time zones. Find a time where everyone can gather for your conference call without them being in the middle of work or waking them up in the middle of the night.

Send the invitation link in advance so they can include it in their own schedules.

  1. Send out your invites.

While some would just send the link to invite people to a virtual party, you can also send out virtual invites to really set the mood for your event.

  1. Prepare your theme.

To make this call different from regular virtual meetings, you can choose a theme for your party. In fact, you can create your personalized background and send it to your guests, so they can use the same background during the call.

You should also encourage them to wear something that’s related to your theme to make the party more fun and interesting.

  1. Get your food and drinks ready.

What is a good party without food and drinks anyway? If this is an important event and you have the budget, you can send your guests food to eat during your party. If it’s a simple family gathering, you can ask your guests to prepare their own food and drinks to enjoy while you’re on the call.

  1. Prepare your entertainment.

Being virtual doesn’t mean you’ll just talk to each other the whole time. You can host virtual games or even hire an entertainer to keep your party interesting.

  1. Take photos.

You can take screenshots throughout the virtual party or even the record the entire event. Although you’re doing this virtually, you still need to record these memories that you can look back to over the years.


This pandemic may have forced us to do things virtually, but it doesn’t mean that we should lose our connections with the people we love.

In fact, this should be an opportunity to build stronger bonds with our family and friends, whether they’re near or far.



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