Planning a Virtual Event? Make Sure To Read This Guide!

Planning a Virtual Event? Make Sure To Read This Guide!

No one would’ve probably imagined that we’d be spending more time doing Zoom hosting and virtual meetings, but this is our reality now, especially since most of us are still working remotely due to the pandemic.

With this setup comes the importance of learning how to put together a virtual event just like you would for a real event at work. The good news is, with the right amount of planning and these tips, you’ll surely make every online event successful:

Start on a clean slate
You can’t compare a virtual event to a real one, so it’s very important to start planning on a clean slate. Although there are similarities between these two events, it’s best to keep an open mind and embrace new ideas that will help make your Zoom hosting successful.

Think about your audience
Before you start thinking about the other details of your event, think about how you can keep your audience connected first. What is the reason for someone to stay in front of his laptop and finish your event?
You need to be clear about your goal for this event to make sure that you’re not wasting your efforts on a virtual event that will have half of your audience switching off or doing something else while you’re talking.

Define your format
Just because you’re saying that it’s a Zoom-hosted event doesn’t mean that your audience will instantly get what you’re trying to do. A virtual event could be one speaker talking the entire time, different people demonstrating things, or an interactive event where everyone on the meeting is involved.

Keep it simple
If you can’t keep an audience interested for an hour during a physical event, it would be impossible to do the same online. Thirty minutes is already a good length for a virtual event, so try to keep things simple and focus only on the important points that you’d want to achieve during your Zoom hosting.

Choose your speaker.
Your speaker will play a crucial role in the success of your virtual event, so it’s very important to choose the right person to take on that role. Make sure that he not only knows about his topic but he can also deliver it in a way that would keep your virtual audience interested. You can also hire a host to keep the event interactive and engaging by filling in the gaps between speakers and just making sure that there are no voids in between.

The takeaway
Of course, you can always hire the experts to help you plan a successful virtual event just as you would in a real event. This will help you ensure that no detail is missed and everything goes well, especially in the technical department during your event.
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