Professional Wedding Planners and Coordinators to Hire for your Big Day!

Professional Wedding Planners and Coordinators to Hire for your Big Day!

Weddings should be fun, memorable, and most importantly, STRESS-FREE.

Planning could be exciting but a bit of a headache especially if you decide to do it on your own or just ask your close friends to help. Hiring a wedding planner or coordinator may seem like only an option but it should be a necessity! They will be responsible for executing all your wedding day plans– so all you have to do is to be present at the moment. Your wedding planners and coordinators save you from hundreds of different types of stress because after all, Bride and Groom should just be left alone to enjoy their special moment.

We listed some of the most reliable wedding and events planners for you to check out when planning your wedding. You can message them through our chatbox and request a free quote


  1. Ruby Navalan 

It’s no secret that working in the events industry is an extremely active job and one should always have high energy. That’s why having a passionate wedding planner that loves what she does, will be the best investment. It may sound like a cliché but passion is the most important trait an event management professional can have.

Out of the many event coordinators we knew, Ruby stands out because of her energy and passion. According to her, she loves making things happen and events management has always been her number one source of dedication, and making her clients happy with their weddings is always her top priority.


  1. Julie Anne 

While there is no such thing as a “perfect event”, Julie believes that an event or a wedding can achieve excellence through precision and effort. Julie and her team always make sure that everything is planned out and managed responsibly. She promises her clients to organize a sensational event most efficiently and cost-effectively.

She has won several awards in her seven years of planning weddings and other events, such as “Premiere wedding planning services provider 2019” and “Most Outstanding High-Quality Events Management Company 2020”. With a professional team having many years of expertise, Julie Events Management guarantees an unforgettable event for their clients.


  1. Syd Bilaro

Syd produces fresh and inspiring moments that create connection. She’s committed to supporting her client’s event objectives and always ensuring that the best suppliers in the industry are made available to couples preparing for their walk down the aisle. Working with different vendors is something that always makes her thrilled. But not only for suppliers, Syd says building solid relationships with her clients can lead to the best service. Her clients describe Syd as a caring, kind, and thoughtful coordinator; they felt cared for the entire time Syd was there.

Aside from being an event planner, Syd also owns a couple of businesses like “kakanin” grazing table, wine station, and event styling. She’s one of the first who introduced the “kakanin” grazing table in the industry.


  1. Myrtle Salvador

This girl has a lot of talents, two of which are hosting and managing events. She’s not only known for being a savvy event planner but also a versatile host. Myrtle puts full effort into understanding her client’s goals and needs. She knows that once she is familiar with the person, the better and more successful event she can make. 

Myrtle also manages a professional team of planners that will expertly manage your event from beginning to end. She assures a professionally planned wedding for you to be proud of and enjoy along with your guests whether it’s an intimate affair or a grand affair.


  1. Meg Perez

One of many extraordinary skills Meg possesses is making a couple’s dream wedding into reality. She believes that getting to know the couple’s personalities is essential because, in modern times, the couple’s celebration should reflect who they are.

When she’s running out of ideas, she thinks of Pinterest’s dreamy weddings that inspire her, and it fuels her imagination again.


  1. Angelo Lim 

Flexible – one word that Angelo’s clients detailed. Angelo’s job often doubles as an organizer and (metaphorical) fireman. Cleaning up messes and putting out flames at his clients’ events – quickly, calmly, and effectively. When a sudden problem arises, he knows how to flip the event. Keep his clients cool, get the job done, and then get back to running the show.

Hiring Someone like him who handles problems efficiently is like walking on the beach with only your margarita because everything gets dealt with. #AlagangGeloYan!


  1. Golda Vijuan 

In the hopes of making people happy, Golda’s happy mind team was established. Golda leads this team composed of passionate, dedicated to success, and fun-loving individuals that only aim to serve and give pleasure to their clients.

The team always made sure to do their job with fun attitude and share their enthusiasm with the people they work with, especially the bride and another event supplier. Their mantra is to be cool and not get pressured by stress.


  1. Princess Dianne

The Bride Besty has a reputation for giving reliable service at an affordable price. The quality that Princess gives to her clients is the root of her success. She believed that most of her events were successful because she handled dozens of things at once. Even if she multitasks, she can still give her clients flawless output.

Her team also offers other event packages and hosting included in their On-the-Day Coordination.


9. Cindy Escobin

When she started her career as a planner, Cindy had a clear vision of executing all her events brilliantly – no matter the personal cost. Years go by; she still carries her vision with pride. Her clients define her as very detailed-oriented, hands-on, warm, and are great at providing solutions whenever problems arise.

Cindy has several alternatives to help her client’s weddings just how her clients envisioned them. She gives her clients many options like worry-free, all-in, and complete wedding packages.


10. Princess Bracamonte

Trust in the events industry take years to build, and someone needs a competitive background and strong relationship with their previous clients and other vendors. Clients will only trust a wedding coordinator if they prove they know what they’re doing and have shown them successful events handled by them.

Princess is easily trusted by her soon-to-be clients. Experience has played a lot in what made Princess trustworthy, backed up by incredible dedication and commitment to delivering excellent outcomes.


If you’re still contemplating who or what are the skills you will look for in an event coordinator/wedding planner, here are our four insights that will help you choose who to hire.

Happy planning!


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