Talented Photographers to Hire in Manila

Talented Photographers to Hire in Manila

Talented Photographers to Hire in Manila

A photograph is the pause button of life and it’s the only way to keep a moment from running away. And when years passed, who doesn’t want to relive the most important moments of our lives? That’s why investing in a good photographer is a must in your event. You have to know, trust, and share the same concept with them.

When you hire a photographer, you must take note of experience. You want someone who knows how to capture the moments that are most important. Photographers develop skills and knowledge through years of experience. Those with profound experience, will know the shots to take, they know where to band you’ll be confident that they will be where you want them to be.

Eventsfairy teamed up with experienced photographers and with real clients review, you have guidance to choose the right fit for your big day.

  1. Chester Elepaño (Tour De Force)

Tour De Force creative photographers have extensive experience in wedding coverage. They have plenty of clients abroad specifically USA and their clients are willing to hire these experts from across the world because of their extraordinary work.

Review his profile here or Request a free quote from Chester here.


  1. Albert Cueto (True Sight Photo and Films)

Albert is an experienced and innovative photographer bringing forth a true passion for capturing life’s moments through a lens. He’s committed to ultimate satisfaction of his clients. With over 10 years of experience and work for more than 200+ projects, he’s undeniably a pro in the industry.

Check more of his artworks here.


  1. Jayson Arquiza (Purple kite)

Jayson is an experienced photographer that knows exactly how to adjust to different types of photography. He can work in a variety of fields, from advertising to personal events. Jayson is also good at details, he has the ability to catch good light and color, as well as consider all components of each image.

You can book Purple Kite here.

  1. Mark Daniel (Artes Di Memorias)

Artes Di Memorias aims to preserve time within photographs to gaze upon special moments and bring back the warmth of it, as they bring art to that memories. See most of his works here.


  1. Von Paolo (iCapture)

Clients describe Von as easy to work with and very friendly. He always fulfills planned concept and desired result of each project. Throughout his works, Von remains true to his creative goals. He also bags a prestigious photography award in Marikina.

Check out his profile here.


  1. Kurt Mantes (Colors & Contrast)

Kurt is dedicated to giving his clients unforgettable experiences in their most memorable moments. He also customizes packages according to client’s budget. So, if you’re a little worried about spending a lot, chat with Kurt here and he will surely give you a reasonable price.


  1. Niña Jacinto (Niña Jacinto designs and photography)

Being a female in a male-dominated industry is undeniably tough, but has its advantages. Nina believes that being a female photographer has an edge on the areas that are sensitive including pregnancy and family shoots. She’s great at doing couple, weddings, and family shoots, and there’s a certain level of comfort her clients feel when she’s the one leading the shoot.

You can directly contact Nina here.


  1. Raffy Dela Peña (Photograffy)

If you’re a party animal, you’re probably familiar with Raffy. He’s been a well-known club and bar photographer since 2013. You will see Raffy’s work on famous club pages and big advertisement events. His talent is not limited to rave parties, he also does product photography and personal events.


  1. Roger Rodriguez

Roger definitely had a creative mind—and plenty of imagination. He can make an ordinary location into an extraordinary one and come up with a thousand different ways to interpret what he’s seeing and express those ideas in stunning and meaningful photographs. He’s always been passionate about photography and it shows through his work.

He specializes in wedding photography, product, and recently venture into interior photography.


  1. JM Gonzales

The right guy to hire on promotional events. JM works with big companies on their launch, promo, or even networking events. He will turn images that will help you to get press releases picked up by blogs and magazines.


Our photographer category includes carefully curated lists of event photographers and other event suppliers from all over the country, as it is our top priority to connect people with professionals who can take images they’ve always dreamed of.

You can view each photographer’s portfolio, access their profile, and even contact them directly via our chatbox.


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