Virtual birthday backgrounds

Virtual birthday backgrounds

I know how bummer it feels to celebrate a birthday in a pandemic, especially if birthdays are a big deal to you. We are used to celebrating birthdays by having our family around or a bunch of our friends while sharing food, karaoke, and staying up until wee hours laughing over stories. Some people prefer to travel and do charity work, but sadly, we can’t do those too.

Accepting that we’re stuck in this unfortunate situation, the best we can do is be creative. Maybe we can turn these lemons into a lemon cake and still be happy as we appreciate the more essential things in life.

And by being creative, we can organize a zoom party with a blast! Send your friends the background of your choice in your party or surprise loved ones with a virtual party and make it well thought by asking all family members or friends to change their backgrounds for the celebration.

You don’t need to find the perfect background because we’ll already give it to you! Here’s the best 15 birthday background for your next virtual party:

  Make the celebration lively with a colorful sprinkles background. Source:   Handwritten “Happy Birthday” card with gift box and macarons. Source:   This cute background will make the virtual party realistic. Source:   Drinks anyone? Give your guests bar vibes. Source:

Cozy and warm background for a soft celebration.

Source: Nothing beats a classic greeting. Source:   Dig in! Source:   Looking for background for kids virtual party? This one can do the job! Source:   Gentle, soft, and warm, your virtual guest will adore this! Source:   Chocolate truffles and Icing = Deliciously engaging background. Source:   A dreamy cupcake with sparkler. Source:   We may not celebrate the way we liked to, but just remember that everything will be okay and back to normal any time soon. In case you need virtual help, we have suppliers who are skilled to perform virtually: We wish you a joyful virtual celebration!


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